A new beginning.

It’s been a very long time since I last blogged. For reference, FirefoxOS was still an active Mozilla project at the time of my previous post. I’ve since moved to Czechia, and then again to Sweden and had two kids. I continue to be employed by Mozilla, though I am currently on paternity leave. So here it goes. I hope I’ll be blogging a bit more regularly from now on. I definitely have a bunch of topics in mind.

New domain

A long time ago my blog was hosted on blogspot/blogger. That was good enough, I suppose, but I eventually moved it to my own domain - goșu.ro. While I love having an accurate domain for my family name, directing people to it isn’t the best experience. And the punycode version of it, xn–gou-2lb.ro is a bit of a mouthfull. For a while I was trying to get gosu.ro, but it was snagged by a company that’s also a registrar that doesn’t want to sell it, instead wants to sell me access to an email address 😒 (the fact that ROTLD gives prefferential access to a handful of companies that can afford to pay a fee seems really sketchy to me).

So I’ve settled on using gosu.se. While I would have preferred the RO TLD, this is good enough and will probably be my main domain for things going forward. Currently hosted on GoDaddy - I might want to move it to another registrar if possible (Cloudflare if they start accepting CCTLDs soon).

How awesome is Cloudflare?

Why would I move it to Cloudflare? Well, it’s nice to have all of the settings in one place. I already use it for DNS, and in cojunction with GitHub pages makes for a flawless website hosting experience. Their free tier works fantastically, and I’m starting to get excited by their email service. They can do email forwarding for the entire domain. So feel free to email me at [email protected] to try it out. As I start using more of the available features (Cloudflare workers sound really nice) I plan to do more in depth posts regarding my setup.