My involvement with Mozilla during the past few years has increased in many ways. Last month's  Romanian Mozilla Community meeting has been an incredible experience which has convinced me that I need to do even more.

The meetup was in Cluj, the home town of most of our Romanian members. I can barely imagine the logistics of organising such an event, so I must congratulate our hosts for the incredible job they did.

The meeting was a bit shorter than I would have hoped. There were many issues that we needed to discuss and I feel we touched on the most important, but more time would have been great. Our community has been divided on some topics lately, and while important issues aren't going to be fixed in a couple of days, I think we got the ball rolling.

This was our first national meeting ever. Even though I had met about half of our members before it was great so see them all together, and it gave me great hope for the future.

My feelings are that our community is only going to grow from now on. I will be dedicating the rest of the year to establishing a small developer community in Bucharest, with the hopes of giving back to the project which has brought us all together.

Mozilla FTW